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速汇金/MoneyGram,or 西联汇款/Western Union, or 银星速汇/Sigue, or 瑞亚速汇/RIA money service


关于速汇金/MoneyGram,or 西联汇款/Western Union, or 银星速汇/Sigue, or 瑞亚速汇/RIA money service



  西联汇款Western Union

  银星速汇Sigue (


    瑞亚速汇/RIA money transfer service (




      工行西联汇款业务是中国工商银行与西联公司合作推出的个人对个人的国际速汇款业务,付款人可在全球任一西联网点汇出汇款,收款人凭借10位解付密码、有效身份证件等信息在工商银行网点或者网银收取西联汇款,10为解付密码又称为西联汇款监控号码Money Transfer Control Number;

      Western Union和 Money Gram相对费用较低,如果使用电汇T/T方式,银行会收一定的手续费,还需要提供收款银行Swift Code, Swift指的是环球银行金融电信协会Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication,SWIFT,或译环球同业银行金融电讯协会,是一个协作组织,它运营着世界级的金融电文网络,银行和其他金融机构通过它与同业交换电文(message),从而完成金融交易;每家申请加入SWIFT组织的银行都必须事先按照SWIFT组织的统一原则制定出本行的SWIFT地址代码,经SWIFT组织批准后正式生效,因此该协会的成员银行都有自己特定的SWIFT代码,即SWIFT Code,在电汇时,汇出行按照收款行的SWIFT Code发送付款电文,就可将款项汇至收款行。

help: how to get the money from via ria money transfer service in china?

Ria Financial Services:  All money transfers to China can either be direct deposited into a Postal Savings Bank of China account, or picked-up in cash at any of PSBC's locations in the following provinces: Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Beijing, or Anhui.

About RIA

Ria Financial Services was founded in 1987 and it is today the third largest money transfer company in the world, with a global agent network of 146,000 locations in 136 countries on 6 continents. In addition to money transfer services, Ria offers Bill Payment, Mobile Top Ups, PrePaid Debit Cards, Check Cashing and Money Orders.


Ria’s mission is to be the most progressive money transfer company in the world, offering service excellence and the most competitive and reliable remittance payment services to its customers. Ria is also committed to best-in-class business relationships with its global agent and correspondent network, based on the principles of mutual respect, fairness and generally accepted business practices


RIA Financial Services is a recognized financial service leader and leading specialist in international money transfers. Since 1987, the company has provided fast, reliable and secure money transfer services using state-of-the-art technology.              Please find more information here....

About Euronet

Ria Financial Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT)Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT) facilitates the movement of payments around the world and serves as a critical link between its partners — Financial Institutions, Retailers, Service Providers — and their end Consumers, both locally and globally. Founded in 1994, Euronet has established itself as a leading electronic payments provider. Euronet’s customers are served from three core business segments: Electronic Financial Transactions (EFT – including Payments Software), Prepaid (ePay) and Money Transfer. In 2009, the Company processed approximately $50 billion in ATM, prepaid and money transfer payments for more than 115 financial institutions, 200 mobile operators, approximately 320,000 retailer and agent locations, and millions of individual consumers in 46 countries.

 Euronet’s accomplishments include:

  • Operating the largest independent nationwide shared ATM network in India.
  • Processing as the largest payment network in the world for prepaid mobile top-up.
  • Ranking as the third-largest global money transfer company.

 Euronet’s industry accolades include:

  • Ranking two consecutive years on Forbes magazine’s list of 25 Fastest-Growing Technology Companies.
  • Ranking two consecutive years on FORTUNE magazine’s list of 100 Fastest-Growing Companies.
  • Winning ‘Merchant Acquirer of the Year’ at the Cards International Global Awards.

 Euronet provides secure electronic payment solutions for Financial Institutions, Retailers, Service Providers and individual Consumers, processing more than one billion transactions annually. Euronet is comprised of three primary business segments:

  • Electronic Financial Transactions (EFT – including Payments Software)
  • Prepaid (ePay)
  • Money Transfer (Ria)

 With 2,700 employees in 28 countries, today Euronet’s mission of extending the convenience and simplicity of electronic financial payment solutions continues with the support of our dedicated people, integrated products and global presence.

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