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Our main products diversified followings:
1. Flexible plastic packaging film industry
1.) BOPP film including BOPP plain film (BOPP flower wrapping film, BOPP tape-grade film, BOPP clothes/bag-grade film, BOPP mini/smaller  roll, BOPP Sheets) ,BOPP anti-static film, BOPP capacitor film;
BOPP heat sealable film, BOPP tobacco film, BOPP straw film;
BOPP matte film; BOPP pearlized film; 
BOPP thermal laminating film, BOPP tear tape;
BOPP anti-fog film, BOPP micro/ macro perforated film; 
Metallized BOPP film (VMBOPP), silver and golden metallized BOPP, laser holographic BOPP film, and so on. 
 2.) BOPET film including BOPP packing film , BOPET lamination film , BOPET insulation film, BOPET capacitor film, 4.5Microns BOPET thermal transfer film, BOPET sheets, sliver metallized BOPET film and so on.

3.) CPP film including CPP printing film, CPP laminating film, CPP bag film, retort CPP film , metallized cpp film and so on.
4.) BOPA film  including BOPA printing and laminating film
5.) BOPS film including BOPS window envelop film, BOPS shrinkage film and BOPS sheets.
6.) PE film including PE stretch film for pallets packaging of machine /hand use , PE cling film for food wrapping, PE bags,PE zipper and so on.
7.) PVC cling film and POF shrink cling film.  
8.) Tear tape, tear clip, tape for dates/opening tape, thermal color transfer film.

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 2. Coating film
1.) BOPP adhesive tape clear and color ( jumbo rolls and slit smaller rolls); masking tapes jumbo rolls( jumbo rolls and slit smaller rolls), double sides jumbo rolls( jumbo rolls and slit smaller rolls), hot melt solvent tape jumbo rolls( jumbo rolls and slit smaller rolls), and so on.
2.) EVA coating film of BOPP/BOPET/BOPA (thermal lamination film)
3.) PVDC coating film of BOPP/BOPET/BOPA 
4.) Acrylic coating film

 3. Glue industry and chemical relative products industry
1.) Adhesive glue and raw materials, including butyl acrylate, EVA glue, PVDC glue, and color printing pigment and liquid raw materials.

 4. Deep processing of the film series and plastic products industry
1.) film slitting 2.)film color printing 3.) film coating 4.) film aluminized  5.) film bag 6.) film basic self-adhesive tear tape7.) plastic cards 8)plastic toys 9.) PP, CPP, PE, and other raw material particles 10.) mold, leather, rubber products.

5. Printing inkjet supplies Series: 

Wax,resin Ribbon (jumbo rolls and small finished rolls), color Ribbon (jumbo rolls and small finished rolls), date tape 
(jumbo rolls and small finished rolls) , self adhesive labels (including roll and pages), the Mexican round, printers, etc. 

6. Wrap wire, tear clips and self adhesive tear tape:plastic tear clips, tear tape,tie lines and metal cable and so on.

7. Gamma-Butyrolactone  GBL Cleaner  γ-Butyrolactone (GBL) wheel cleaner  rim cleaner and car wheels and rims and tyre industry

8. Paper products and printing supplies series industry
1.) office copy paper (reams and rolls)     2.) LWC paper (lower/light weight coated paper) and Coated paper  3.) printing supplies series of photo inkjet paper 4.) outdoor advertising supplies series, 5.) light box cloth series; 6.) Offset paper and News printing paper  7.) other products as well as flowers, gift wrapping paper, specialty paper.

9.  Machinery equipment and machine parts industry
1.) Film and tape slitting machine series  2.) All kinds of glue products in the coating machine series  3.) Film printing machine series  4.) Film packing, composite, rewinding machine series  5.) shrink machine, wrapping machine, sealing machine 6.) as well as the above types of machine parts.



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