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Based on the Chinese mainland, services the global markets!
Asia Pacific Industry Group Co., Limited 
s a large-scale multinational group of companies which gather production, research, development & market sales.
Group mainly focuses on the flexible packaging films of BOPP,BOPET,CPP,BOPA,BOPS,POF,PE,PVC and so on, film products of deep processing (such as: printing color,cutting into smaller rolls and sheets, metalized aluminum, coating film with different glues, etc.,), tape jumbo rolls, thermal laminating adhesive glue, electronics-materials basic film, thin thermal transfer film products, film-relatives automation equipment and accessories; office printing supplies (was/resin ribbons,labels,printers),photo & copy inkjet paper products  Gamma-Butyrolactone (GBL) wheel cleaner and car wheels and rims and tyre industry,and so forth.

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he size of the Group's total investment (the sum of all branches) nearly 20 billion yuan( RMB,CNY), built 18 modern production plants, with a total area of 2900 acres. Enter into industrial lines in the film (BOPP,BOPET,CPP,BOPA,BOPS,POF,PE,PVC and so on), glues, tapes, chemical, pharmaceutical, machinery and equipment, paper and other industries. The total number of employees reached 2,200, nearly 180 high-tech technician talents, and tackled cooperative relations with the University of Science and Technology of China, Anhui University, Hefei Industrial University and other institutions of higher learning, to maintain a long-term scientific research, continue to research on new products. The Group has always adhered to the standardization of production and management, through the ISO9001 and ISO14001 system certifications.

  Group, adopts the multi-management business model. Mainly manufactured flexible plastic packaging film industry, deep processing of the film series, film coating industry,silver and golden metallized, laser holographic film, tape jumbo rolls, adhesive glue, plastic products industry,wax,resin ribbon and self adhesive labels, self adhesive tear tape,paper products series industry (office copy paper, photo paper,packaging paper, printing supplies series), Gamma-Butyrolactone (GBL) wheel cleaner and car wheels and rims and tyre industry
ur main products diversified followings:
1. Flexible plastic packaging film industry
1.) BOPP film including BOPP plain film (BOPP flower wrapping film, BOPP tape-grade film, BOPP clothes/bag-grade film, BOPP mini/smaller  roll, BOPP Sheets) ,BOPP anti-static film, BOPP capacitor film;
BOPP heat sealable film, BOPP tobacco film, BOPP straw film;
BOPP matte film; BOPP pearlized film; 
BOPP thermal laminating film, BOPP tear tape;
BOPP anti-fog film, BOPP micro/ macro perforated film; 
Metallized BOPP film (VMBOPP), silver and golden metallized BOPP, laser holographic BOPP film, and so on. 
2.) BOPET film including BOPP packing film , BOPET lamination film , BOPET insulation film, BOPET capacitor film, 4.5Microns BOPET thermal transfer film, BOPET sheets, sliver metallized BOPET film and so on.
3.) CPP film including CPP printing film, CPP laminating film, CPP bag film, retort CPP film , metallized cpp film and so on.
4.) BOPA film  including BOPA printing and laminating film
5.) BOPS film including BOPS window envelop film, BOPS shrinkage film and BOPS sheets.
6.) PE film including PE stretch film for pallets packaging of machine /hand use , PE cling film for food wrapping, PE bags,PE zipper and so on.
7.) PVC cling film and POF shrink cling film.  
8.) Tear tape, tear clip, tape for dates/opening tape, thermal color transfer film.

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 2. Coating film
1.) BOPP adhesive tape clear and color ( jumbo rolls and slit smaller rolls); masking tapes jumbo rolls( jumbo rolls and slit smaller rolls), double sides jumbo rolls( jumbo rolls and slit smaller rolls), hot melt solvent tape jumbo rolls( jumbo rolls and slit smaller rolls), and so on.
2.) EVA coating film of BOPP/BOPET/BOPA (thermal lamination film)
3.) PVDC coating film of BOPP/BOPET/BOPA 
4.) Acrylic coating film
3. Glue industry and chemical relative products industry
1.) Adhesive glue and raw materials, including butyl acrylate, EVA glue, PVDC glue, and color printing pigment and liquid raw materials.
4. Deep processing of the film series and plastic products industry
1.) film slitting 2.)film color printing 3.) film coating 4.) film aluminized  5.) film bag 6.) film basic self-adhesive tear tape7.) plastic cards 8)plastic toys 9.) PP, CPP, PE, and other raw material particles 10.) mold, leather, rubber products.

5. Printing inkjet supplies Series: 

Wax,resin Ribbon (jumbo rolls and small finished rolls), color Ribbon (jumbo rolls and small finished rolls), date tape 
(jumbo rolls and small finished rolls) , self adhesive labels (including roll and pages), the Mexican round, printers, etc. 

6. Wrap wire, tear clips and self adhesive tear tape:plastic tear clips, tear tape,tie lines and metal cable and so on.

7. Gamma-Butyrolactone  GBL Cleaner  γ-Butyrolactone (GBL) wheel cleaner  rim cleaner and car wheels and rims and tyre industry

8. Paper products and printing supplies series industry
1.) office copy paper (reams and rolls)     2.) LWC paper (lower/light weight coated paper) and Coated paper  3.) printing supplies series of photo inkjet paper 4.) outdoor advertising supplies series, 5.) light box cloth series; 6.) Offset paper and News printing paper  7.) other products as well as flowers, gift wrapping paper, specialty paper.
9.  Machinery equipment and machine parts industry
1.) Film and tape slitting machine series  2.) All kinds of glue products in the coating machine series  3.) Film printing machine series  4.) Film packing, composite, rewinding machine series  5.) shrink machine, wrapping machine, sealing machine 6.) as well as the above types of machine parts.

Group adopts "national industries as cornerstone , global market-oriented as platform, and scientific development as road"asbusiness philosophy.In today's global market economy, Asia Pacific International Co., Limited fully participate in competition of products quality, price and service at home and abroad.  Committed to market-oriented, export-oriented economic development. 
Group is in virtue of China's advantages of land resources, lower labor cost and Chinese government's policy and so forth , vigorously introduces into the advance modern production lines, follows path of scale and intensive economy, increasingly invests scientific researching and encourages technical personnel's product innovation, so that it can timely adapt demands of markets in specialization, diversification, personalization, technologicalization and so forth. Breathe a steady flow of higher quality and lower price of goods into overseas markets. 
Over the years of manufacturing and marketing practice, the Voice of Group endows with a very excellent reputation here and there.
Financial strength so solid, market coverage so strong, sales network so extended, and demands from old and new customers so stabe, which injects the development of Group a new dynamism, vitality and constance. 
Group, also sets up its own sales offices in oversea areas, so as to serve customers timely, and plays a very important role in process of international economic and trade integration. 
Today, Group, with global areas, especially areas across the Atlantic, the Pacific Rim economic circle of the major countries and regions, the rapidly developing economies, as well as Taiwai, Hongkong and Macao, had and firmly established economic cooperation, strengthening the basis of foreign trade cooperation . Meanwhile, the Group has extensively participated international famous exhibition and related associations. 
Group locates at Capital of Anhui Province, China ---- HeFei city .Which acts Yangtze-Huaihe industrial corridor leading wild goose, the national key high-tech science city. Near Shanghai, Nanjing International Metropolitan Areas; belongs to Pan-Yangtze River Delta. Many years and huge-scale transfer of light and heavy industries from Yangtze River Delta to middle area like HeFei city , which provides Hefei's regional advantages a best valued time in history.
Guarantees the quality, promotes the efficiency, stresses the integrity , and more self-dedicated of business cooperation ---- which is always educated by Group as the motto of all staffs. Not enjoys the present enormous & well-being wealth, but brings the world more welfare through faith of our own dedicating, hard working and success.
Looking backward, senseful struggle experience; Looking ahead, endless career development!
"Man's road as the iron, and now we move from scratch. " Asia Pacific persons will continue to grasp two (domestic and foreign) markets firmly and nature of their Industrial-Chain competition, in pace and calm confidently, continue to join hands with domestic and foreign investors to create a better tomorrow.
All people in Asia Pacific Industry Group Co., Limited , will continue to hard work for the completion of the great rejuvenation of Chinese Nation and the prosperity of the global economy !
Here we sincerely have been looking forward to cooperate with your esteemed company in near bright future at any time.

  : There are two branch companies of

Asia Pacific Industry Group Co., Limited (website: www.apigcl.com ), and named as follow:

1.) Anhui Eastern Communication Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd.  with website is: www.boppfilmsale.com

2.) and Asia pacific international co., limited with website is  www.aenmgroup.com


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